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Abdu Rozik Video: Bigg Boss 16 fame Abdu Rozik’s old video will inspire you! Watch Video here

Abdu Rozik Video: Abdu Rozik has earned a lot of fame in India with the new season of Bigg Boss and Abdu has become the heartbeat of every Bigg Boss fan. At the age of just 19, Abdu Rozik has made a name for himself not only in India or in his country but in the whole world. Be it Salman Khan or Cristiano Ronaldo, Abdu has taken his songs to everyone and has emerged as the youngest singer in the world. Abdu is the cutest and most famous contestant of Bigg Boss. Abdu is the only contestant with whom no contestant has fought. Most of the people know that Abdu is a famous singer of Tajikistan along with being Bigg Boss fame, but today we have brought an old video of Abdu Rozik in front of you during his struggling times.

Watch Video here;

Abdu Rozik has struggled a lot in his life to get to this point and only a few people know about his difficult days. But recently a new video of Abdu is going viral on the internet, in which Abdu is seen singing a song. This video is from the days when Abdu was not famous, in this video Abdu is seen singing a song in front of a vegetable shop and the people standing there are giving him money after getiing impressed from his singing. In this video, Abdu’s dressing sense is being praised a lot and people are appreciating that Abdu has seen very difficult times in his life but with his hard work and dedication, Abdu has become a star today.

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Abdu Rozik rules over crores of hearts and is winning hearts of not only the audience but also the contestants with his mischievous and cute style in Bigg Boss. Many Bollywood stars are also fans of Abdu Rozik’s singing.

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