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Ammu review: A sensitive tale on domestic violence victim’s journey to the light, Details Here

Ammu review: Aishwarya Lekshmi came with a new drama, Ammu. The film had the potential to be hard-hitting story about domestic violence and the dark side of marriage. The story of the film revolves around Ammu, a simple young woman who aspires to have a happy life after her marriage and he ties the knot with Ravi (Naveen Chandra). The chapter of life begins after that. Things appear to be according Ammu in the initial days but after some days of marriage. Ammu realizes that Ravi is not like she had imagined as he starts physically assaulting her.  After enduring some insults and fights, she decides to take revenge from Ravi and she takes the help of Prabhu (Bobby Simha), a prisoner on parole.

Writing shows a little bit rush

The basic plot of Ammu is quite interesting; it’s something that is quite relatable and realistically possible. However, the film has some writing falters which failed it to reach the true potential. The film begins with a classic song and it beautifully shows the character of Ammu as she wants a ‘prince charming’ in her life. Suddenly, the focus shifts on her married life and it feels like the writer has done the rush in the film. There isn’t much chemistry shown between Naveen and Aishwarya. https://youtu.be/ET8oH2r6m58 But domestic violence has been handled very properly in a fair degree of maturity. There is no attempt to sensationalize things. This allows the scenes to be organic on screens. A few scenes are not made for the light hearted. A scene, in which Ravi hits his wife and suddenly starts apologizing after realizing, shows him as a hypocrite and it looks real.

The Jigarthanda actor’s character is not fleshed out properly in the movie. The writer tells us about his past but doesn’t show the exactly same. This makes difficult for audience to connect to his character.

Performances of the characters

Aishwarya Lekshmi did justice to her character in the most challenging role of her career. She tries to internalize her character’s trauma and lets her silences speak in several intense scenes. The actress brings out the character perfectly in a scene where she tries to make sense of her husband’s behavior.

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Naveen Chandra plays a sincere role of a dominating husband. He is not able to meet the standards of other stars but his role feels realistic. Bobby Simha’s character isn’t written well but he still shines during his entry scene. The film is a sensitive take on domestic violence with the sincere performances of the stars.         DNP ENTERTAINMENT FOLLOW US:  FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and TWITTER.

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