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Adipurush Teaser Released: Why are Fans Upset?

Adipurush teaser released: The first teaser trailer of Adipurush by Om Raut has been out, and things do not seem great. Prabhas as Lord Ram in the movie, Saif Ali Khan plays Lankesh, and Kriti Sanon plays Sita. Although the film heavily utilizes CGI and VFX, it is based on the Hindu mythological text Ramayana. Although the teaser has succeeded in raising interest in the movie, the price at which it has done so may disturb the makers. The teaser of the movie is being criticized on social media by users.

The visual effects of the Om Raut-directed film “Adipurush” cost a lot to create. The movie allegedly cost more than INR 400 crores to produce, with the majority of the money spent on VFX, however it appears that the final result is something that is not expected.

After being disappointed by the VFX, people are expressing their anger online. On Twitter and Instagram. Hiring VFX artists from the group “Oh My Friend Ganesha,” a user posted on the internet.

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People appear to have been especially offended by the way Raavan was featured in the Adipurush teaser.  He was an excellent astrologer and have great knowledge of all the texts and Vedas. He does not have kumkum on his forehead, which upsets some people. Fans will now recall how Sanjay Dutt’s Tilak in Shamshera caused much controversy. What the netizens genuinely wants is hard to determine. Some online users think Raavan looks like Mughal.

Also, there are some genuine Fans

There are however some sincere supporters who urge the filmmakers to improve the graphics and saved the movie from certain failure when it releases in 2023. One of these users expressed their hope on Instagram, writing, “I hope they push the release by a year and hope that some wonder kid from Red Chillies VFX or Prime Focus (again, a renowned VFX studio) bless them by coming on board and make this abomination at least interesting to watch on a big screen).”



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