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AP Dhillon: This is what the Canadian singer need to make new and melodious music; deets inside

The Canadian-Punjabi singer AP Dhillon has gained immense popularity in several years. His songs became chartbusters and he became one of the most famous singers in the world. Starting from a small village, AP Dhillon hit billboards and did houseful shows in Canada and the USA. His documentary was recently released on ‘Amazon Prime Video’ and it escalated his fan following. After the release of his docu-series, AP Dhillon is doing back-to-back interviews and he revealed the secret behind making good music. AP Dhillon revealed what he needs to make music and this will make you fall in love with him more.

AP Dhillon’s secret of making music

Dhillon told IANS, “Making good music starts with a good chai, like a good cup of wholesome tea, it just fills the team with so much energy and helps to set the vibe. So, absolutely, chai is a catalyst.” The chai comes first, and then the magic begins as Dhillon designs the beats on his Logic Digital Audio Workstation, incorporating the correct sounds and textures with VSTs such as the Kontakt library and Omnisphere.

AP Dhillon and Shinda about the language of music

Dhillon and Shinda, believe that language has relatively little to do with a track’s popularity. People will listen to good music regardless of the language. AP said to IANS: “I think today’s world offers equal opportunity for artists from all languages. If your song is good, it will reach out to people regardless of language. Your music or beat must first and foremost appeal to the listeners. People will like it if the music or beat is nice, and they will take a keen interest in learning that language as well. As a musician, your obligation is to create beautiful music because good music allows the language to travel.”


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