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Yashoda Movie Review: Samantha gives one of her best performance, Screenplay makes it least impactful

Yashoda Movie Review: Samantha has been in top in her last few projects. Samantha has been going from her strength when it comes to her performances. With Yashoda, there is a lot of new. The story revolves around Yashoda, who is three months pregnant and she is told that her baby is grow up in a millionaire’s house. Samantha opted to be a surrogate mother to help her sister Brinda. Yashoda is taken to Madhu’s (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) clinic. Yashoda tries to win over everyone’s trust but she also realizes that something is wrong. Yashoda tries to find out about the facility and she gets one step closer to the truth. What will Madhu do? Is her doctor Gautham (Unni Mukundan) supports her in the crime? Watch Yashoda to know about it.   https://youtu.be/5yPkCoMu1F4

Movie has a solid story but less impactful

Director Hari and Harish put the solid work in Yashoda as the story is also solid. With surrogacy and the use of cosmetic products are the subplots. The screenplay shows several twists but these twists do not land well and that’s why it is least impactful. The directors used Samantha’s attitude and acting to fill the emotions and seriousness. There are chances that the audience will lose interest in the movie. When Yashoda tries to discover the secrets.  A group of police offers is investigating the murder of a model.

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Samantha bears the weight of the story on her shoulders as she is in the lead. She is convincing in her character and she has also performed action stunts. She has made every single effort to thrill the story as the story revolves around her. Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar is an excellent choice for the role of ‘beautiful devil’. Unni Mukundan is ideal as a doctor in the film.


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