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Tejas Movie Review: Cinematography steals the show; Kangana Ranaut fails to leave an impact in this patriotic film

Tejas Movie Review: Kangana Ranaut is back with another film which is based on the air-force pilot Tejas. She was promoting her film for many days and garnering attention on social media platforms with her impressive and gorgeous looks. The film was released on October 27 but did the movie meet the expectations of the audience? Let’s find out in the movie review of Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas.


Tejas Gill, played by Kangana Ranaut, is the eponymous pilot in the film. Tejas is an exceptional student who is motivated by an insatiable desire to fly in a fighter jet even before she completes her training. She has a firm manner and an unashamed disrespect for norms (a typical Air Force officer would be fired for this, but Tejas is assigned another assignment).

The story takes place against the backdrop of Tejas’s career in the Indian Air Force, highlighting her determination and perseverance as she navigates the trials of military life and faces her inner demons. The gentler side of Tejas, who is normally hard and tough, is seen in flashbacks when she is seen falling in love with a musician named Ekveer (Varun Mitra). Tejas, who adores her family and is planning a new life with her love interest, loses everything in the devastating 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. Tejas hides her feelings and vulnerabilities beneath her strong exterior and resolves to serve her country to the best of her skills.

She is depicted in a dangerous operation to bring back an Indian spy who was a student at the institution. Tejas invites her buddy Afiya (Anshul Chauhan) to join her as a co-pilot on the expedition. The ladies undertake the difficult task of combating terrorists, safeguarding their companions, and rescuing their country from a terrorist attack.


Kangana Ranaut follows up ‘Dhaakad’ with another box-office flop. While she makes an effort to bring Tejas to life, she falls short, making the audience crave the Kangana of ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and ‘Queen’ days.  Kangana’s over-enthusiastic acting is overshadowed by Anshul Chauhan’s flawless performance as Afiya. Anshul’s emotions are all in the proper spot, and she makes the audience root for her. Varun Mitra, who plays Ekveer, impresses with his beautiful features and lovely voice. As a senior Indian Air Force officer, Ashish Vidyarthi is adequate.


Sarvesh Mewara wrote and directed “Tejas.” The cinematography is excellent, with aerial vistas and action scenes that appear more realistic and less theatrical than in ‘Pathaan.’ However, the film, although doing some credit to action, is short on content. It once again portrays Pakistan as a country weak not only in resources but also in intelligence to demonstrate Indian dominance in technical breakthroughs. The video also depicts two ladies confronting a bunch of terrorists without being seen, assaulted, or injured, making the entire scenario difficult to understand and digest.


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