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Mark Antony Review: S J Suryah Emerges as The Saving Grace For Adhik Ravichandran’s Sci-Fi Action Flick, Read

Mark Antony Review: Adhik Ravichandran’s latest Tamil mass film is filled with S. J. Suryah’s charm but that is about it. The film is the fourth movie directed by Adhik Ravichandran, It stars S. J. Suryah and Vishal in the leading roles. Moreover, the cast is supported by Ritu Varma, Selvaraghavan and many more. Although a science fiction action fantasy, this film is not anything that we have not seen before.

Plot of the film

The film starts with the introduction of a time-travelling entity, a phone. Through this phone, a person can make a call, only to the past. Moreover, it is said that the telephone was invented by a scientist in 1975, in Tamil Nadu. However, the story starts with Mark, a humble mechanic and the son of a gangster who chooses the path of non-violence. He is raised by his father’s best friend, Jackie Pandian. The one thing that always held Mark back was the death of his mother by his father. Therefore, as he comes across the telephone, he tries to save his mother. But as suspected, tampering with the natural flow of events brings about many other consequences that the leads have to face. Moreover, many more secrets are unveiled through this.


Although the outline of the story has immense potential, it fails to be reflected in the main story. At the end of the day, the film becomes a general Tamil gore action that lacks depth. On top of this, the writing falls short as the filmmaker gave more importance to the epic fights and slow motion. Since the last year, Tamil movie has been creating many violent action films and has been on a roll with it. With the upcoming Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Leo and his last mega-hit, Vikram, starring Fahadh Faasil and Kamal Haasan, this genre has been a trend in the industry. However, this movie could not end up living up to those standards and becomes a mass with lots of gut-wrenching action and no story


Nonetheless, S. J. Suryah nails his role of Jackie and brings his A-game to the story. He single-handedly puts charm in the entire movie with his unbelievable performance. Therefore, backed by S. J. Suryah’s performance, the movie becomes fun to watch. For action lovers, this film is a one-time watch. For people going for a compelling story, this movie can be skipped.


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