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Doctor G movie review: Ayushman Khurrana’s comedy medicine is not that effective, Details HERE

Doctor G movie review: The film is all about Dr Uday Gupta, who is the one male student in the gynaecology department of the medical college. Ayushmann’s character is a funny, offbeat and a little bit confused gynaecologist as he is the alone man in a department full of women. His world revolves around that ‘stree-rog’ department of the medical college but he wants to exit from there. Doctor G has two halves of the movie. The first one is cringy and full of nonsense comedy with stereotypes, but the other half is filled with emotional drama and social messages. The movie lacks that insane and amazing ‘Ayushman Khurrana touch’.

When Fatima (Rakul Preet Singh) tells her fiancé that Uday (Ayushman Khurrana) is in her class. He makes fun of him but Uday also doesn’t want to be in that department. Uday reluctantly enrolled on this department because he fails to secure a seat in the orthopaedic section. Uday feels every time that he can’t be a good gynaecologist because his gender puts him at a disadvantage.

But he is completely unaware of the hordes of male genes. Doctor G is also a story of a small-town guy, who is stuck in such situations that nobody wants to talk about. He has hesitations in different works but in the end, he starts accepting his flaws proudly. The movie will make you feel relatable. Rakul Preet’s character could be written better than this.


The writers have become over smart

Doctor G has several funny moments also that will make you laugh but if the makers wanted to give a solid social message with this movie then they should have written better script for this movie. This movie has made men empathetic towards women and it went wrong in many ways. Uday’s story is in the first half, second half includes the story of his mentor Ashok (Indraneil Sengupta).

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The writers have ruined some special moments with over-smart dialogues. Ayushman Khurrana does a great job as always but it fails to make an impressive impact this time. The lady luck, Rakul Preet Singh, Shefali Shah and Sheeba Chadha has lightened up the film with their acting skills.


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