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Vastu Tips: Know how you can make money and get success in Business

Vastu Tips: Running a business is challenging, thus, here are some ways that Vastu tips might help you in managing your money.

Vastu is an Hindu philosophy which refers to infrastructure and putting things into right space. It comes from many atmospheric forces and is thought to provide prosperity, happiness, and peace. Vastu is highly regarded by those who follow to it.

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Do you have faith in Vastu? Then, check out some helpful advice related to your money. Here are some helpful suggestions on where to keep your money according to Vastu, which can in turn have a better impact on your business and work pattern. This advice applies to all valuable things, including hard currency, wallets, and other financial methods.

Your money wallet or cash box should be positioned facing north

According to Vastu, Lord Kuber, the god of prosperity and riches, is believed to rule the north. Vastu suggests that you should always position the cash box you use to store your valuables facing North. According to popular belief, doing this will increase your fortune by double.

Even though it should face north, the cash box’s door should never be facing south. According to popular belief, the Goddess of Wealth, Devi Lakshmi, relocates from the South to the North. Aside from bringing luck and riches, following this Vastu tip is also supposed to do so.

Put a plant or a water source next to you

It has been shown that greenery not only increases good energy but also lowers blood pressure. Observing a plant grow syncs the energy to observe an increase in financial and professional consequences. Additionally, according to Vastu, water equals wealth, so it is advised to keep clear, non-stagnant waterways next to your seated area. Even a desktop background with a picture of running water does wonders.

Place your valuables away from the borders of walls and away from your desk’s four corners

The northeast, southeast, or southwest corners of the room should be avoided as storage locations for your money. You should open your safe to the north as much as possible. Avoid the South zones at all costs, if at all possible. It’s thought that doing this will bring bad luck and could quickly drain your bank account.

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Avoid eating at your desk and leaving food pieces everywhere

Experts advise against eating at a desk, and not just for reasons of cleanliness. On health and business operations, it is said to have a negative impact. To draw positive energy and the blessings of the Almighty, keeping your workspace neat is necessary.


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