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Vastu Tips: Five points that will solve all your bedroom problems

Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra suggests placing bedrooms in the south-west, which receives the least amount of sunshine and is symbolic of peace, energising, and long life.

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1. Use bed made up of natural resources

Vastu Tips

Choose a strong hardwood bed frame over a metal one, and bedding made of breathable natural fibres. Let the area under your bed be empty rather than filling it with storage drawers, bags, or other items since these generates a lot of negativity when you sleep. Four-poster beds are also not considered Vastu-compliant since they are not beneficial psychologically.

2. Know which direction is good for sleeping

Vastu Tips

According to ancient bedroom Vastu, facing south is believed to be the best side for sleeping. Your feet should be facing north while you are sleeping and your head should be facing south. This is the position to be in, according to Vastu, if you desire a restful night’s sleep. Another practise that is said to bring prosperity and fortune is sleeping with your feet facing north.

3. Know where to place lights and ceilings

Vastu Tips

The ideal bedroom ceiling height is 10 feet, but it shouldn’t be too low as this can lead to poor airflow. Avoid false ceiling designs that are asymmetrical or that have sharp triangles hanging from them because they might lead to stress and insomnia. The middle of a decent ceiling should be higher than the edges. Mirrors in ceiling designs should never be used since they can reflect the bed. Vastu states that a white or light-colored ceiling draws in positive energy and promotes calm. Avoid having a skylight ceiling in your bedroom since it can interfere with your ability to sleep; instead, opt for soft, calming lighting.

4. Use soothing colours for your bedroom

Vastu Tips

Use soothing pastel colours for your bedroom walls, like light pink, yellow, and light green. These colours will make your eyes feel relaxed. Earthy tones like almond and related hues are some of the most preferred wall colours for bedrooms. Black, grey, and brown colours shouldn’t be used on the walls in bedrooms, according to Vastu principles.

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5. Placing the mirror in bedroom

Vastu Tips

Another challenging topic in both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra is the placement of a mirror in the bedroom. Never sleep in a room with many mirrors facing each other since this generates an infinite gap between the mirrors. While shastra acknowledges the requirement of having a mirror in the bedroom, she advises just having one and always keeping it covered or draped when not in use.



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