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Skincare Tips: Want Glowing Skin Like Sara Tendulkar? Here’s what she does for her skin

Skincare Tips: Sara Tendulkar is one of the popular star kids in the industry. She has made a solid fan base for herself with her glowing and mesmerizing pictures on social media platforms. Her pictures show her mesmerizing and gorgeous looks. Be it traditional or Western, Sara Tendulkar always makes the netizens go berserk and many people want glowing and flawless skin like the star kid. Today, you will get the skincare secret of the popular Sara Tendulkar.

Night Cream

Sara Tendulkar uses night cream before going to sleep to give proper relaxation to her skin after having a tiring day. You can use any of the healthy night creams for yourself to give relaxation to the skin after doing hard work all day.

Healthy Diet

Apart from makeup, Sara Tendulkar feeds herself with a healthy diet and she glows every time. The star kid makes sure to eat healthy food to maintain her glowing and flawless skin.

Avoid Junk Food

Junk food is a big no when you want to maintain your glowing and healthy skin because it has a lot of harm to the skin. Avoiding junk food is what Sara does for her beautiful and mesmerizing skin. You can also try avoiding junk food to follow a healthy skincare routine.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is necessary for you to be hydrated and being hydrated is a must for flawless and beautiful skin.


Sara always believes in cleansing and she washes her face twice a day to get relief. Washing your face cleans the face properly and it gives you relief to your skin.


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