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Skincare Tips: Malaika Arora reveals her glowing skin secrets? Follow THESE tips to look as gorgeous as the actress

Skincare Tips: Do you find yourself stressing out over maintaining your skin? Do you get frustrated upon seeing the fabulous glowing skins of numerous celebrities and wonder how they do it? The gorgeous actress Malaika Arora lets you in on her secret to getting crystal-clear skin. Follow the following suggestions handed out by the star herself to get flawless skin.

Skincare tips by Malaika Arora to stay evergreen

Malaika Arora is one of the most beautiful actresses in the entire Indian film industry. Have you ever tasted a fine wine? The reason behind a wine’s savoury taste is its age. The older a wine is the better it would taste. Malaika Arora is as youthful as ever even when she’s close to reaching her 50s. She simply ages like a fine wine. All this time we kept wondering, what might be the secret to her never-fading glow and now it is finally out. In a recent promotional video with the skincare brand Lotus Herbals, Malaika shared how the brand’s Firm & Bright serum is extremely crucial to her skincare routine. The serum has been told to fight all signs of ageing and Malaika also advises that it is fit for all skin types. The two wonder-working ingredients used in the serum are natural plant retinol and Vitamin C.

What makes Firm & Bright serum Malaika’s favorite?

The new serum launched by the famous skincare brand Lotus is ideal for all skin types. It doesn’t matter if you have oily skin or dry skin, the naturally obtained retinol in the serum makes it suitable for all skin types. Malaika prefers the serum because it can be used in the daytime as well without causing any irritation or flaking. It is also a very effective substitute for the 10-step skincare routine. Moreover, the presence of Vitamin C helps prevent dark spots and pigmentation making the skin glow.

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