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Sara Tendulkar binges hard on wanderlust! Check out her top travel spots

Sara Tendulkar is all about living life to its fullest. One of her favorite hobbies is travelling. These are her choicest places from around the world.

Sara Tendulkar is one of the most adorable Gen-Z celebrities who hails from India. She is the daughter of the ‘God of cricket,’ Sachin Tendulkar. Sara is truly a wanderer who loves to travel and explore new places. In fact, traveling worldwide is one of her hobbies. You can check out her pics occasionally as she visits new places during her escapades. While she loves to explore, there are some destinations in particular that she loves to visit. Check them out here.

Sara Tendulkar brings out her inner explorer

Sara is one of those popular kids in town who are prone to excessive publicity. When your father is the legendary God of Cricket himself, there is only little you can do to avoid attention. So, as the popular saying goes, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them,’ Sara stays quite active on Instagram. She occasionally drops pictures from her hangouts and routines. Out of her several hobbies, one in particular stands out, and that is her wanderlust.

Sara’s love for France

Out of all the places she has been, Sara truly loves to be in France. Some of her choicest destinations in this beautiful country are Nice, Saint Tropez, and Paris – the city of love. All these places are filled with cultural elements that radically increase their value. This also shows that Sara loves to explore new cultures and traditions.

Academical influence of London

Sara went to London to pursue her advanced studies at the University College London. Consequently, she had ample amount of time to explore and fall in love with the city.

Bali – Island of the Gods

Bali is revered tremendously as a perfect honeymoon haven for couples. However, Sara doesn’t require a companion necessarily to quench her wanderlust. She loves the natural beauty of Bali, Indonesia.

The exotic experience of Koh Samui, Thailand

Back when Sara visited this awesome place, she immediately fell in love with it. She even quoted in the caption of one of her posts, “Could get used to the island life.” The beautiful Island is famous for its palm-fringed beaches and luxurious resorts and spas.


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