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New study finds wide range of variation in fat burning at different heart rates

Fat loss exercise: A new study has found that the heart rate and exercise intensity at which the body burns its own fat varies from person to person. Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease published this study with the help of machine learning-based modelling approach.

People with a goal of weight may be interested in exercising

Director and lead author Hannah Kittrell (MS,RD,CDN,a PhD candidate) at Icahn Mount Sinai in the Augmented Intelligence in Medicine and Science laboratory said, “People with a goal of weight or fat loss may be interested in exercising at the intensity which allows for the maximal rate of fat burning. Most commercial exercise machines offer a ‘fat-burning zone’ option, depending upon age, sex, and heart rate.”

He further added “However, the typically recommended fat-burning zone has not been validated, thus individuals may be exercising at intensities that are not aligned with their personalized weight loss goals.”

The researchers sampled 26 people whose estimated heart rates did not match well, with a difference of 23 beats per minute between the two measurements.

Reasearch inspire more individuals and trainers to utilise clinical exercise testing

Senior author Girish Nadkarni (MD,MPH,Irene) and Dr Arthur M. Fishberg Professor of Medicine at Icahn Mount Sinai, Director of The Charles Bronfman Institute of Personalized Medicine, and System Chief, Division of Data-Driven and Digital Medicine, Department of Medicine said, “We hope that this work will inspire more individuals and trainers to utilise clinical exercise testing to prescribe personalized exercise routines tailored to fat loss. It also emphasizes the role that data-driven approaches can have toward precision exercise.”

The paper is titled “Discrepancy between predicted and measured exercise intensity for eliciting the maximal rate of lipid oxidation.”

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