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Health Tips: Worried About Weight Loss? How Ajwain Can Help Achieve Goals

Health Tips: Ajwain is a staple in most Indian households for its amazing properties on health. This is commonly added in heavy food items such as pooris, rotis and parathas, to help with digestion. Moreover, it also aids in developing appetite, which is why it is also often used in fried items to make it moreish. This ingredient also has magical properties in facilitating weight loss

Ajwain for weight loss

Ajwain commonly known as carom seeds have amazing weight loss and digestive benefits

  • It helps the body to absorb the nutrients better, therefore increasing the metabolism.
  • It also contains Thymol, an essential oil that further speeds up the metabolism process
  • It gets rid of the extra accumulated fat, which results in weight loss
  • It also had amazing digestion properties, aiding speedy metabolism and weight loss
  • Apart from this, it heals ulcers and other bacterial issues due to its anti-inflammatory properties, keeping the body healthy.

How to add Ajwain to your diet

Ajwain can be added to your diet in a few ways that can cause significant weight loss in your body

  • Drinking a glass of warm water with Ajwain seeds, soaked overnight. This should be consumed on an empty stomach. This relieves any gas problems that can cause bloating. Moreover, it regulates bowel movements
  • Ajwan juice is also very beneficial. boil ajwain in water and drink the water that has all the nutrients of this spice in it. This is also really beneficial for health
  • It can also be used as it is while cooking. This includes adding it to the dough, as a spice or as tadka.

Little children and pregnant women should not consume a lot of Ajwain, it could cause vomiting and other complications.

Disclaimer – This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Take the methods, and claims mentioned in this article as suggestions only; DNP India does not confirm or refute them. Consult a doctor before implementing any such suggestions/ treatment/medicine/diet.  

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