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Health Tips: Fighting Seasonal Illnesses! Supercharge Your Immunity Using these Hacks to combat Flu

Health Tips: Flu season is here and everyone and their family members are getting infected with diseases like viral fever and so on. As the summer ends and fall nears us, it is crucial to make conscious efforts to keep yourself safe from the ongoing flu. This can be achieved by taking steps that help with boosting immunity. On top of this, certain people are more prone to catching colds and flu more easily than others. Find out how to fight the flu by boosting your immunity by taking the following steps.

Regulate alcohol consumption and smoking

One of the major causes of low immunity is smoking. Not only does smoking cause life-threatening issues but it is also known to weaken your immunity over time. In the same way, alcohol is also known to weaken immunity causing infections to be caught easily.

Regular Exercise

Staying physically active is also crucial to stay fit and healthy. Not only does it make our body stronger from the outside, but it also helps fight many diseases as well. It increases the White blood cells in the body that help fight immunity. Not only this, regular exercise boosts mood and helps with anxiety.

Eating well

To enhance immunity it is very important to get proper nutrients in your diet. This involves a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Sugary items and deep-fried food limit the boosting of immunity. These nutrients, when consumed boost antibodies in the body that help fight diseases.

Keep your surroundings clean

Dirty surfaces tend to cause cross-contamination that results in the loss of immunity. This can be transferred through phones, pillows or any other surface when it comes in contact with the fingers it later gets transferred to the mouth, resulting in infections and diseases. Therefore, it is important to sanitise hands or wash them frequently.

Disclaimer – This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Take the methods, and claims mentioned in this article as suggestions only; DNP India does not confirm or refute them. Consult a doctor before implementing any such suggestions/ treatment/medicine/diet.  

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