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Health Tips: 5 signs that prove you have dirty nails; Check out here

Health Tips: We all want healthy, perfectly manicured nails, whether you’re the type of person who routinely paints your nails as a form of self-care or someone who is always picking and chewing at your cuticles. Well-kept nails make you look instantly polished and might even make your hands look younger. To combat the impacts of excessive hand-washing and missed salon visits, we spoke with nail-care professionals to learn exactly what you should be doing for your nails – but first, how can you tell if your nails are healthy? Here’s what you should look for.

Signs of Healthy Nails: 

Pinkish-white nail plates

Cuticles exist (do not cut them!).

Nails and white tips are of uniform length.

The lunula is a prominent half-moon-shaped white area near the nail root.

Unhealthy Nail Symptoms:

Peeling or cracking nails could be caused by dryness or a vitamin deficit.

Tiny white spots on your nails usually indicate that you are biting them or painting them too frequently.

Horizontal grooves may be caused by tension, high temperature, or jamming your finger.

The red, puffy flesh surrounding your nails could be caused by removing or biting your cuticles.

Spoon-shaped nails may indicate iron deficiency or anaemia.

If you are concerned about the health of your nails, you should see a dermatologist.


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