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Haircare Tips: Wonder working benefits of fenugreek seeds for healthy hair and scalp, check it out

Haircare Tips: Healthy scalp and hair are what everyone desires but few are able to maintain them. There is a wide range of products available in the market to maintain perfect hair but sadly, most of them affect adversely due to their chemical composition. Nowadays finding organic solutions to health-related problems is in the trend since these are mostly free from side-effects. Fenugreek seeds provide a number of such remedies to keep your hair and scalp healthy as ever.

What is a Fenugreek seed?

Fenugreek seeds are commonly used in Asian cuisine and are extremely healthy. In India, we know it by its common name “methi seed.” In ancient times, Fenugreek was originally cultivated as a crop to feed the cattle. It is also believed that the Romans used to flavor wines with fenugreek seeds in the first century C.E.

In Indian cuisine, we are familiar with dishes like “methi paratha” and “methi aloo (potato).” Fenugreek is extremely flavorful when it comes to enhancing the taste of such dishes. Its dried form – Kasuri Methi, is also used to give a lasting aroma and add amazing flavor to various curries. However, apart from creating delicacies, Fenugreek seeds have wonderful health benefits, especially for hair and scalp.

Haircare tips using Fenugreek seeds

  1. Dandruff is one of the leading causes of hair loss and scalp infection. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature of Fenugreek seeds can help fight dandruff and make your scalp healthy.
  2. The condiment is not only an amazing flavoring ingredient but also a really good hair growth-stimulating agent. Its medicinal properties strengthen your hair roots and improve blood circulation in your scalp.
  3. No need to look for a conditioner in the market. Just go to your kitchen and grab a handful of Fenugreek seeds and use them as a hair mask to condition your hair and remove dryness.
  4. Most of the young men and women face hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. Fenugreek seeds can regulate your hormones and prevent hair loss.

The seeds can be used effectively as a rinsing agent by infusing them in water or as a hair mask by making a smooth paste out of the seeds.


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