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Florals to Polka Dots, 5 trending prints from Alia Bhatt to Ananya Pandey you don’t want to miss

Print Designs: From moving around bare bodies to covering ourselves with clothes, humans have journeyed a long distance. Today, the fashion industry has grown tremendously. The world has become so competitive in terms of fashion, that if you don’t keep yourself updated, you will be left behind. In light of the latest trends, there are 5 best print patterns you don’t want to miss.

Get that retro era kicking with Polka Dots

The witty charm of the polka dots print remains unmatched. Although it would take you back to the 70s, we can assure you that it is trending wide currently. You can pick from a wide variety of midi dresses to skirts or even trendy blouses. The classic approach is that of simple black and white shades however, you may also opt for a wide range of colors.

Eye-pleasing digital-geometric Print Designs

In the techno-inspired era we live in, digital geometric prints have a standing of their own. Recently, Diana Penty donned a gorgeous geometric print midi dress. Such outfits are in trend and look absolutely stunning. We are heading toward astounding technological feats and thus it is reflected in contemporary fashion as well.

classic tie-dye spiral Print Designs

Wish to reflect those trance vibes from your outfit? The tie-dye spiral pattern of the 60s and 70s era is now trending widely. You can find several outfits ranging from funky casuals to T-shirts and denim with these cool print designs. Get those summer vibes locked in with these groovy patterns. Alia Bhatt is rocking them too!

Get the beautiful charm of florals

The classic floral patterns have a way with one’s heart. These patterns tend to immediately grab attention. A trend like this one never goes out of fashion, rather, it only gets better with time. You have several options to select from dresses to blouses. Or you can simply opt for a midi like Kiara Advani.

Mesmerising Abstract Art prints

Abstract art has something about it that keeps you hooked. Its patterns on clothing may as well be one of the best discoveries in the fashion industry. Several designers are throwing their talent into these aesthetically inspired print designs. Ananya Pandey has got the best of it.


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