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Kim Namjoon: Learn everything about your favourite BTS leader RM

Kim Namjoon: The full name of BTS leader RM is Kim Namjoon. He was born on 12 September 1994. Namjoon is considered the monster of rap, which is why his stage name is Rap Monster/ RM.

What does RM do?

Namjoon is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, composer and lyricist. RM released his first solo mixtape in 2015, and second mixtape Mono in 2018. RM has composed more than 100 songs. Before joining Big Hit, Kim Namjoon was an underground rapper and his stage name was Runch Randa. His interest in hip-hop came after listening to the hit song ‘Fly’ from Epic High. Nam started writing songs from June 2007 i.e. when he was in class 7. Big Hit CEO Bang Si-hyuk thought of forming BTS Group only after meeting RM.

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What does RM like?

You will be surprised to know that RM wanted to become a security guard of an apartment in his childhood because he liked the uniforms of the guards at that time. He is the tallest member of this group, his height is 181cm. His IQ score is 148. Singer has also studied in New Zealand for 6 months. He is the first rapper from Korea who gave a speech at the White House in 2018. RM loves cycling, let me tell you that Namjun does not know driving. He also likes art a lot. He also has a younger sister who is of Jungkook’s (another BTS member) age. He does not like seafood, cigarettes, he likes sweet snacks. RM has a pet dog named Rap Mon.

Why he is called “Destruction of God”?

He is also known as the ‘God of Destruction’, because his strong hands often break things, once he tore Jangkook’s shirt while performing on the song ‘Fake Love’ on stage. Once he even broke the glass floor while shooting for the song. He is the clumsiest member of this group.


Net Worth

His net worth is over 2 billion 425 million, and he has written over 130 songs

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