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K-Dramas: Top 5 Programs of 2022

K-dramas: K-dramas has grown in popularity rapidly over the last few years, and its easy to see why. The shows are sweet and simple, a lot of times depicting realistic stories that attract viewers. Thus, it’s clear why so many streaming platforms are releasing more Korean drama content, and fans have no complaints. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the 5 best Korean dramas released in 2022.

5. Shooting Stars

This drama is the perfect feel-good show. The chemistry between the main leads is palpable and the show doesn’t deny fans many sweet moments. It’s a heartfelt rom-com that does the job. With little stress and just a sprinkle of conflict, this is the perfect laid-back show for a night in.

4. Tomorrow

Fans will recognise that this comedy is quite reminiscent of old popular K-dramas. The over-the-top humor may not be for everyone, but it brings much-needed relief to the topic at hand. While the show is supernatural, it still manages to tell realistic stories with human values.

3. Soundtrack #1

Fan favorite Park Hyung-Sik and new, up-and-coming star Han So-Hee play the main leads in this short and sweet love-story. While predictable, the show is enjoyable for anyone who needs a break. A calming and heartwarming story that can’t help but make audiences smile.

2. Twenty Five Twenty One

This show has a beautiful cast, telling a realistic and painful story. The audience will find themselves falling for not just the main couple but the whole primary cast, with their charismatic and endearing characters. It might leave audiences’ hearts aching, but the story shows the growth and warmth between relationships and friendships.

1. Business Proposal

Being one of the highest-rated K-dramas of the year, Business Proposal is hard to miss out on. With its wholesome romance and chemistry-filled relationship, the drama won’t fail to make fans swoon. This is a cute and easy romance drama for those who need a relaxing break from life.


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