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Happy Birthday V: From decorating city to charity events, BTS Army is all set to celebrate their winter bear’s birthday

Happy Birthday V: The worldwide fan base of BTS member Kim Taehyung aka V has gone beyond the expectations to celebrate the singer’s birthday on December 30. Several new kind of events have been organised to celebrate the occasion, from decorating cafes and bus stops to the city’s metro system.

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Celebration for V’s birthday starts

The musician known for the famous song “Christmas Tree” turns 27 today, and from yesterday the hashtag “Happy V Day” has already started to trend on social media. As a result of the same, some cafes have even made enormous cutouts of the singer outside for people to take pictures of.

According to reports, one of the largest ever worldwide cafe events is being self-funded by Nuna V, the most popular Korean fansite for V. It is scheduled to Japan in six various cafes located in a number of nations, including South Korea, Japan, and Dubai. The main aim of of the project is to give ARMYs a central location to gather and celebrate the birthday of their favourite singer. The cafes will use the holiday season to show off their shared love for V in addition to their own distinctive themes.

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What is happening apart from cafe event?

In addition to Cafe, fans of the musician have been vocal on numerous bus shelters situated in densely populated areas all throughout December. The “Vung Vung Bus,” which Nuna V organised, is filled with pictures taken by Taehyung. The buses are decorated in purple and have the words “Borahae” and “I Purple You” emblazoned in bold, alluding to V’s original “Purple You” remark. The “Happy Vus,” a bus covered in V’s advertisements and parked close to the HYBE building, was built by KTH Supporters, another V fansite. Five of the singer’s supporters also worked together to decorate Busan City Bus 80 to celebrate the event. On bus shelters near Osaka, Tokyo, and other cities over the full month, the singers’ big billboards were madeup.

The “China Baida V Bar” fandom in China announced plans to build a “Underground City” with 17,1999 LED screens in the nation’s subway system. These screens project the singer’s videos and images as part of the lavish birthday presentation.

Additionally, charity events, donations, and listening events for the musician have been organised by ARMYs around the world.


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