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BTS star Jin joins the military, ARMY around the world get emotional

BTS Jin: The star of BTS, Jin, began his necessary military service in South Korea on Tuesday, becoming the first member of the group to join since the band’s surprise announcement earlier this year, which devastated fans with its future.

The band is regarded as the biggest phenomenon in the history of the nation, topping the charts, selling out stadiums across the world, making billions of dollars, and amassing an army of ARMYs of followers around the world.

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However, all physically capable men in South Korea are required to spend at least 18 months in the military, and despite a long argument about whether BTS deserved a waiver, the group announced in October that every member will soon join.

According to the military, Jin, whose full name is Kim Seok-jin, will begin five weeks of training on Tuesday.

The Yeoncheon boot camp’s main gate is marked with a sign that reads, “A cradle for top class combat soldiers”, and hundreds of media representatives and BTS fans gathered there to await Jin’s anticipated arrival at 2:00 pm.

Fans say, ‘We have mixed feelings today’

A fan from Indonesia, Veronique said, “We have mixed feelings today because on one hand, it’s normal that he does this enlistment because it’s an obligation anyway for any Korean men.”

She said, “But on the other hand we cannot see him for a minimum of 18 months … Happy but also sad but also proud.”

According to local media rumours, Jin is anticipated to be deployed to a “frontline unit” following training because his boot camp is situated close to the border with North Korea, with whom the South is still technically at war.

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BTS shocked their fans in June

BTS shocked their fans in June when they announced they were taking a break, claiming pressure, weariness, and a desire to explore separate careers.

However, analysts claimed that because of the required military service, the news was made at a crucial time. When all seven of the group’s members have finished their service, the group will reunite around 2025.


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