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BLACKPINK: Lisa shares a ghost story, Rapper says, “I thought they were bored so they are enjoying”. Watch Video

Blackpink: K-Pop is getting attention worldwide and the artists are being famous. Recently, they shared their experience with the paranormal activities. When it comes to Blackpink, the girls have some more stories to share about the paranormal phenomenon. But this time, Lisa has shared a story about paranormal activities and this story has driven attention. In an interview, Lisa opened up about her paranormal experiences; she was more than happy to share her recent ghost story with the host.  

Lisa shared that, “I think, I have one story, I would love to tell you about that.” Lisa started very normally as she was saying some normal thing. But when she was talking about that, it looks like that she has gone creepy. Narrating the story, she said, “It’s in my computer room. At the back, there was a sensor garbage and it just opens when you move your hand around there. I was sitting and then suddenly it just opened.”

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This thought cannot make people wonder that it was ghost. It can be a cat because the garbage has sensors. She tried to give a free pass as there’s nothing around there. She further adds, “I was like, maybe my just came in the room. So I looked back to see and there’s no one there. And it just keeps opening like every five or ten minutes. But I just leave it like that. It’s like, “oh okay, maybe they’re bored.”   DNP ENTERTAINMENT FOLLOW US: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER. 

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