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House of Dragon Episode 8 Review: A new war underway as King Viserys passes away | Watch Video here

House of Dragon Episode 8 Review: The eighth episode, which is crucial because there are only two episodes left until House of the Dragon wraps up its first season, is an hour long and has several significant events, including the succession of Driftmark, a crucial seat when it comes to the defence of the Seven Kingdoms. The sequence where King Visery walks to the iron throne is undoubtedly the episode’s high point because it simultaneously arouses a variety of emotions, including pity.

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We are also shown how powerful Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) has become since the moment he lost his eye, which is yet another fantastic aspect of the new episode.


He defeats Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) in a sword duel, and it is evident who the winner is. Everyone gives their greatest performances during the Targaryen family dinner scene, but Paddy Considine stands out as the episode’s standout performer.

What lacks in the House of Dragon episode 8th:

The eighth episode of The House of the Dragon is all about the assertion of power, and it’s the Hightowers who get reminded once more by King Viserys that the authority still lies with him even though he may have one eye missing and half of his face rotting away. Given the emotional rollercoaster it causes, the makeup and costume departments deserve all the praise for how they were able to make Viserys look like the ill monarch. The latest episode is also a masterpiece in acting by Paddy, who masterfully makes Viserys the episode’s undisputed star and rightfully so. There won’t be another Targaryen King like him, we wager.

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Although it may not have been the finest in the series, the eighth episode does provide a significant setup for what is to come. King Visery’s passing signals the start of the real race for the Iron throne, which will undoubtedly spark a war.


  • Viserys by Paddy Considine steals the show.
  • The moment at the table whenOlivia Cooke and Emma D’Arcy eat.
  • The dark side of Daemon Targaryen returns


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