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Temptation Island India: Couples face new test in a glass room! Can they survive the fiery trial?

Temptation Island India: The latest episode will throw the couples in a glass room to face a challenge of distance. Will they be able to withstand this trial?

Temptation Island India: Things are getting tense on the Island between the couples as they spend more and more time apart from their partners. As if that wasn’t enough already, Karan Kundrra and Mouni Roy have come up with a new challenging activity for them. The promo of the upcoming episode reveals couples blindfolded and enclosed in a room divided by a glass wall. How will they be able to express their feelings to each other within their limitations?

Temptation Island India: Couples trapped in a glass room

The Island has been crude and harsh for the couples considering their relationships; however, it has also given them ample opportunities to explore. It hasn’t been easy for them to stay apart from their partners in different villas with other tempters. With pressure building up every bonfire night, the couples have already shed a lot of tears. But the trial of temptation shall not end here. The latest promo reveals another challenging test that couples are required to face.

Apparently, each couple will be blindfolded and placed in a room divided by a glass wall. The twist is, that they have no way of knowing who stands across them or if there’s even a glass wall in between them unless they remove the blindfolds. Upon seeing their partners, the couples try their best to express their feelings to each other. Some even expressed some grievances. In fact, Arjun said to Cheshta, “Respect me! Why are you insulting me?” On the other hand, Nishank tried to explain to Chetna what he did not like about her.

Netizens’ reactions to the new promo

As the promo was dropped on JioCinema’s official Instagram handle, netizens arrived like a swarm to post their reactions in the comments section. Some of their comments read, “Karan…your style..u r awesome..the way u r hosting the show..,” “The show is getting better every day,” “Excited to see today’s episode….,” “I’m super excited for today’s episode.”


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