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Sonu Nigam takes his fans by surprise! Serves sweets at Annapurna Hotel in Chicago, sings ‘Abhi Mujh Mai Kahin;’ WATCH

Sonu Nigam, the renowned Indian playback singer with a string of chart-topping hits across multiple languages, holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. While the current generation may sway to Arijit Singh’s melodies, there was a time when Sonu Nigam ruled the charts with his soulful tunes, and his popularity remains unwavering.

A surprise beyond imagination

Taking to social media, Sonu Nigam shared a video that captured a heart-touching moment. Capturing the enchanting experience, Sonu Nigam captioned the video simply with, “Serving Sweetness!” The video documented a visit to Annapurna Restaurant in Chicago, where Sonu Nigam decided to serve sweets to the people present. The unsuspecting diners, mostly Indians, were about to experience an extraordinary encounter that would fill the restaurant with joy.


Sonu Nigam stepped out bearing a tray of sweets. Initially unnoticed, the singer’s presence was mistaken for that of a waiter. However, as realization dawned that it was Sonu Nigam himself serving them, a wave of happiness swept through the room. They started hugging the singer and expressing their excitement. Laughter, cheers, and the flashing of cameras filled the previously serene restaurant as the atmosphere transformed into a vibrant celebration of music and happiness.

The surprise did not stop at sweets; Sonu Nigam’s presence brought forth a magical moment as he took to the stage. With his mellifluous voice resonating through the air, he sang, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captivated everyone present. The people erupted in applause, their appreciation translating into a symphony of claps.

Fans have reacted to this heartwarming video 

One user commented, “Sonu Nigam is sure God. he deserves Noble prize…he will get it not only as Singer but also as human being.” Another user commented, “Serving sweetness?? You have been doing this since more than 30 yrs now.” One of them commented, “Sir kabhi off pitch hotey hi nahi….. What immense practise.” Some comments were like, “Kash woh log ke tarha main bhi hoti woha,” “Lucky people,” “The Legend forever ever.” 


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