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Shakira lands in soup after alleged tax evasion of $7.1 million in Spain, deets inside

Shakira might have triggered the tax department of Spain big-time to land in such a mess. The famous Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll known globally by her stage name Shakira has served in the music industry for over three decades. Her amazing songs are known for bringing several parties alive since time immemorial. However, the star is currently in a tug of war with Spanish taxation authorities who claim that the singer evaded paying her taxes worth $7.1 million.

Shakira allegedly evades paying taxes to Spain

One of the most famous singers, Shakira has remained a favorite among music lovers all over the world for a long time now. So many artists came and went, but she is among the ones who stayed firm as a rock. In fact, she is popular now more than ever. When it comes to music, Shakira knows how to keep up with the times as well as what to serve to her fans that would make them fall for her all over again. However, lately, she has not been equally fortunate in legal matters.

A recent report came to the surface that mentioned that the singer-celebrity deliberately evaded paying taxes worth $7.1 million to the government of Spain. The allegations came straight from the Spanish taxation authorities who claimed that the singer failed to pay the said tax amount in Barcelona. Meanwhile, Shakira is required to present herself in court for another ongoing case on November 20 which charges her with failure in paying $15.4 million in tax for her stay in Spain during 2012-2014.

Singer’s reaction on the previous charges brought against her

According to an earlier report, Shakira had already rejected all the allegations against her regarding failure to pay tax for the period 2012-2014. She said that she had not been a resident of the country during that period and that she paid taxes to the US government for 2012-2014. Spanish law requires residents to pay taxes if they complete a stay of 183 days or more in the country.


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