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Sanjana Ganesan gives a befitting reply to the troller, says “Khudki Chappal jaisi shakal ka kya?”

Sanjana Ganesan: Celebrities confront trolling in a variety of manners on social media. This segment also includes Sanjana Ganesan. She was recently trolled because of a photo. Sanjana is a well-known TV anchor, who is currently covering the ICC T20 World Cup. Sanjana is the TV anchor and wife of India’s famous fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah. She was trolled under the name Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana responded immediately to this troller and she gave a befitting reply that the troller has to delete his comment.

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Sanjana is currently in Australia for the ICC T20 World Cup. She uploaded a photo on her Instagram account. After posting this photo, a user wrote in the comment section, “Ma’am itne sundar bhi nahi ho phir bumrah ko kaise pataya.” (Ma’am you are not even more beautiful, how you got bumrah). Sanjana seems to be angry after seeing this comment on her post and she reacted immediately on that comment.

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The TV anchor gave a befitting reply to the troller by saying, “Aur khudki chappal jaisi shakal hai uska kya?” (you have a face like slipper, what about it?). After this, Sanjana also uploaded a story on her Instagram with the caption, “Today I gave reply to troller in his language.”

Sanjana also wrote in her story. “Now I have a question for you: if you can’t keep a nasty comment at aside, how do you expect me to remain silent and ignore the hundreds of comments people post on my profile every day? I’ll do Isn’t this a hoax? It’s fine when you do it, but it’s not right if I respond to it.”


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