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The Kashmir Files: Anupam Kher reacts to Nadav Lapid, calls him ‘vulgar’

The Kashmir Files: After commenting on Anupam Kher’s film The Kashmir Files, Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid was dubbed “vulgar and opportunist.” Monday evening, Nadav called the picture “propaganda and nasty.” He spoke at the closing ceremony of India’s 53rd International Film Festival in Goa.

Anupam Kher’s response to Nadav Lapid

He added, “Well, if you don’t like the movie you are most welcome to say it. But if you are a jury member you should be responsible enough to not use a platform like this to put forward such remarks. I think it’s a ‘vulgar’ remark by that person. And who himself is vulgar and is an opportunist who used this platform to put forth his ‘propaganda’ or whatever he believes in.”

What did Nadav Lapid say?

In his speech at the closing ceremony of IFFI 2022, Nadav Lapid – the jury head – had said, “All of us were disturbed and shocked by the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’. It felt to us like a propaganda and vulgar movie that was inappropriate for an artistic and competitive section of such a prestigious film festival.”

“I feel comfortable to openly share this feeling with you since the spirit of the festival can truly accept critical discussion which is essential for art and life.”

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