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Sunny Leone teases fans with new clip from dance rehearsals, 1 day left for the big surprise!

Sunny Leone has been teasing her fans with a sort of countdown for quite a while now. She has been uploading clips from her dance rehearsals on Instagram consecutively. Just a few hours ago, a new clip popped up on her Instagram handle featuring the beautiful actress dancing enthusiastically to an unknown song. In her previous videos, she opened up about an upcoming song and this was probably the last upload from the actress from her practice sessions. Fans are now in for a surprise!

Sunny Leone drops another rehearsal footage

Be it fashion or entertainment, the gorgeous actress can’t seem to stay away from the limelight. Not too long ago, she was busy in her venture with TMM India. The brand magazine featured the ravishing beauty in its August issue. Some of the most alluring pictures of Sunny were captured by TMM photographers which we got to see on her Instagram handle too. Apparently, the actress is now getting ready for an upcoming music video which is evident through her videos from her rehearsals.

Sunny appeared in the rehearsal footage in a black T-shirt, black tights, and a shirt tied around her waist. She step-danced her way toward the camera very energetically. Judging by the look on her face, she seemed worn out, probably due to repeated practice sessions. The caption on her post read, “WORK WORK WORK until it’s Great. 1 day left.” This suggests how much the actress has been working hard. Moreover, this was probably her last upload from rehearsals because as the caption suggests, only 1 day is left for the big surprise.

Video by ‘sunnyleone’

Reactions of fans to Sunny’s new post

Sunny’s fans can’t get over her. They have been eagerly waiting for the big reveal. Just like her other videos, this one also garnered sweet reactions. Some of the fans’ comments read, “There is a new update in my heart and it is you,” “Wow so beautiful (emojis) dance performance,” “Absolutely Cute,” etc.


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