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‘Queen of Luxury!’ – Kangana Ranaut Stuns as First Indian to Own Mercedes Maybach S680, Priced at a Whopping 3.2 Crores

Kangana Ranaut: Known for her unapologetic stance and courageous personality, Kangana Ranaut has added another feather to her cap by purchasing the highly sought-after Mercedes Maybach S680. This grand gesture showcases the actress’s affinity for luxury and unique taste. With the vehicle being sold out in India until 2023, Ranaut’s acquisition is nothing short of remarkable.

A Car Fit for the ‘Queen’



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Priced at an astonishing 3.2 crores, the Mercedes Maybach S680 is the epitome of elegance and luxury. Its design resonates with Kangana’s bold personality and her penchant for living a life full of grandeur. As someone who’s never shied away from expressing her views, even if controversial at times, this new purchase can be seen as a testament to her strong and independent character.

Kangana’s Stellar Career and Tasteful Living

Winner of several accolades, including the prestigious National Award, Kangana Ranaut’s choice in scripts and roles has always been commendable. Her performances have been equally exquisite, and fans eagerly await her powerful and ‘Dhaakad’ (meaning powerful and strong) portrayal in her upcoming film. This new acquisition reflects her taste for the finer things in life, aligning with her artistic selection and commitment to excellence.

Sold Out Until 2023: A Rare Gem in India

The Mercedes Maybach S680 is not just a symbol of affluence but also an emblem of rarity and exclusiveness in India. Being sold out in the country until 2023, the fact that Kangana is the proud owner of this beauty speaks volumes about her sense of style and stature. It’s not just a car; it’s a statement that resonates with her strong and dauntless persona.

Kangana Ranaut‘s purchase of the luxurious Mercedes Maybach S680 is more than just an addition to her collection of fancy vehicles. It’s a reflection of her fearless nature, impeccable taste, and an embodiment of success that she has achieved through hard work and determination. As fans and admirers of luxury automobiles marvel at this new acquisition, they also look forward to witnessing the Bollywood queen’s mesmerising performance in “Dhaakad.” Her life, both on-screen and off-screen, continues to captivate and inspire, making her a true queen in every sense.


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