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Palak Tiwari Unveils the Secret to Her Shiny Hair, Her Hair Loss Woes a Thing of Past!

Discover Palak Tiwari's Journey to Healthy Hair and Her Ultimate Solution for Hair Loss

Palak Tiwari the popular social media star and the daughter of beloved Shewta Tiwari continues to impress her fans with her stunning photoshoots on Instagram. Recently, Palak surprised her followers by sharing a video that showed how she got her beautiful hair.

Palak Tiwari Joins the Kesh King Family

In a recent video, Palak Tiwari partnered with Kesh King, a renowned Ayurvedic hair care brand, to endorse their range of products. The video showcases Palak promoting Kesh King’s shampoo, oil, and capsules, sharing her hair care routine with her audience.

Palak’s Alluring Endorsement

Wearing a sophisticated olive green gown, Palak entices onlookers with her poised gestures as she promotes Kesh King merchandise. The best part is Palak has been chosen as the Brand Ambassador of Kesh King. Admirers are captivated by her stunning looks and glamorous hair, and they want to know if she uses the recommended items herself or if they can get the same outcomes.

Palak’s Hair Fall Revelation

In a previous video, Palak talked about how she used to have trouble with losing hair and how it made her very upset. She eventually discovered that Ayurvedic herbs, especially the 21 herbs in Kesh King products worked for her.

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