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Kriti Sanon pushes her limits with Nun-chuks, kickboxing and more for Ganapath, watch

Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff are all set to welcome their latest action flick. Just recently, the actress dropped behind the scenes compilation sharing what it took to transform into her character, Jassi.

Kriti Sanon: There are a few stars who risk their own well-being to produce quality entertainment content for their fans, Kriti is one of them. Her latest action film ‘Ganapath’ is ready to hit the theatres on October 20th. It is one thing to learn action sequels and another to learn them to match Tiger Shroff’s energy. Kriti went all out to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Tiger in this action flick and her video from training sessions is clear evidence of her hard work. Watch her practice with nun chuks and even learn kickboxing for the film.

Kriti Sanon puts her heart and soul into Ganapath

Often times when an action flick lands, we are accustomed to thinking that it’s not a big deal, actors and actresses have their own stunt doubles who do the heavy lifting on their behalf. Well, times are changing now! With increasing demand for quality and originality, stars are pushing their acting game up a notch. Most of them are trying to perform their action sequels by themselves. Kriti Sanon’s all-time dream to act in an action flick has come true with Ganapath. However, you would be surprised to know all the hard work she put into justifying her character, Jassi.

Just recently, the Ganapath star uploaded a compilation video from her training sessions, explaining her journey throughout the making of the film and her experience of transitioning into Jassi. Kriti revealed that she had to learn to use weapons like nun chuks and Shaolin staff to execute the action choreographies perfectly. Apart from this, kickboxing was also a part of her lessons for the film. She also shared that this was the first time ever she was doing action on screen. Considering that and comparing it with her performance in the video, it is safe to say that Kriti has come a long way. She also talked about how she learned to ride a dirt bike without even knowing how to ride a regular motorbike. In her caption, she mentioned, “Jassi made me feel like I can do anything.”

Video by ‘kritisanon’

About the upcoming action movie Ganpath

Ganapath is one of Bollywood’s great attempts at the fusion of nail-biting action and mind-boggling Sci-Fi. It features Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon in lead roles. Ganapath is the story of a vigilante in a dystopian future who sets out to bring to ruin the powerful empire of a criminal mastermind. The film is set to release on 20th October.


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