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Kangana Ranaut to Leave Bollywood if Elected from Mandi in Lok Sabha Elections 2024!

Kangana Ranaut to Quit Bollywood for Politics: Actress Announces Exit If Elected from Mandi

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut stated in an open interview that if she wins a seat from Mandi in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, she intends to retire from the film business. Speaking to AajTak, Kangana discussed her possible political path and how she intends to manage it with her acting career.

From Bollywood to Politics

Kangana made it clear that she would rather concentrate on one project at a time when asked how she would balance Bollywood and politics. “If I could only work one job, that would be ideal. However, I’ll finish my previous work and fulfil my production obligations,” she declared. Kangana made it clear that, if she be elected, she will finish her present work before making the full changeover.

Saying Goodbye to the Glitz and Glamour

Kangana did not hold back her feelings about the film industry. She described it as a world of illusion. “The film world is a lie, everything there is fake. They create a very different environment, it is a glossy world. Fake set, a fake bubble which is to reach the audience – be it to invoke happiness or sadness. This is the reality and I have to live up to the expectations of the people,” she stated in Hindi.

She expressed a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to meet the expectations of her potential constituents. “By the end of it, I should not feel that someone else could have done it better than me. There are a lot of expectations, and I am new in public service, so I have a lot to learn and do. As I learn on the job, there is a lot at stake,” she added.

Following Her Passion

Kangana further elaborated on her approach to work, describing herself as a deeply passionate person. “I never wanted to do a job because I had to. Even in films, I start writing, and when I get bored of playing a role, I direct or produce. I have a very fertile mind and I want to be passionately engaged,” she said. She indicated that if she finds politics equally engaging, she would likely immerse herself fully into it. “I’ll go with my instincts,” she concluded.


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