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Ihana Dhillon: It’s Will be a Working Diwali for Ihana Dhillon Says, “Will Miss Family But Work is a Celebration Too”

Ihana Dhillon: With dussehra in the rear view now, everyone has their eyes fixed on the upcoming diwali festival. Everywhere in the country are busy shopping and preparing for the auspicious festival. But Ihana Dhillon won’t be one of them. The popular Bollywood and Punjabi industry actress, Ihana has worked on her mind for this diwali. Let’s find out what she has to say.

Ihana is happy to see Diwali atmosphere

She says, “I’m equally excited for the diwali celebration and feel immensely happy to see the diwali atmosphere the people have created around. However, it is going to be a working diwali for me. So, there’s that.”

On receiving the response we asked if working on diwali bothers her to which she replies, “Not at all. Yes, I will miss being with my family but that’s fine. After All, it is nothing less than a celebration when I’m with them. Besides, I have learnt from my family itself that work is the best way to celebrate any special occasion. So, it’s good either way that I’ll be busy with my upcoming projects during the diwali celebration.”

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She further adds, “But I do wish everyone a happy diwali. I hope everyone celebrates it with happiness, safety, and lots of positivity which the festival stands for. And do not forget to look after the fur babies around who gets easily affected by the noise of the crackers.”  

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