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Friday Night Plan Movie Review: A simple and much needed depiction of teenage havoc!

Friday Night Plan Movie Review: The society we live in is filled with several problems. In order to find a solution, we look for alternatives in the reel world. Consequently, we search the cinema catalog for films with meaningful messages or moral values. However, in our hunt for a problem-free life, we often tend to cover mediocrity with the veil of toughness. But sometimes, it is the ‘little’ mundane issues that need to be considered. Friday Night Plan offers us exactly that from the point of view of a growing teenager.

The ‘simple adolescent troubles’ from Friday Night Plan

Vatsal Neelakantan’s latest film Friday Night Plan offers a much-needed paradigm shift in the cinematic world. It features the life of a common teenager Sidharth (Babil Khan) who doesn’t have anything big to offer to society. In fact, he has troubles of his own which are actually no troubles at all in the eyes of the outside world. Sidharth, the elder sibling is forced to take responsibility as the man of the house after the death of his father. Consequently, he must compromise with his teenage and take every decision with much thought behind it. A lot of tension is built amid raging hormones and the burden of being responsible.

Why do we need more films like Friday Night Plan?

We are familiar with the popular saying, “Modern problems require modern solutions.” We have come far beyond post-modernism already; the era that now surrounds us is that of Meta-modernism. An era that transcends modernism as well as post-modernism. Naturally, the problems of this era are of a different kind. And this era belongs to the young ones, the teenagers, the adolescents, and the young adults. Thus, we need more movies like Friday Night Plan that can bring out the simple factor of our lives.


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