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Dream Girl 2 actress Ananya Panday Opens Up on Being Trolled, Details

Ananya Panday opens up on being trolled during a promotional interview with Indian Express, for her upcoming film Dream Girl 2. Since the release of her debut film, Student of the Year 2, she has been the talk of the town. Over the last four years, she has been a part of numerous films and has made a solid impact in Bollywood. However, she is also a victim of numerous social media trolling over the nepotism debate.

Ananya Panday on trolling

In a recent interview with Indian Express, Ananya Panday opens up on her experience with trolling. The actress revealed that she has been getting trolled since the beginning of her career. During the interview, she expressed that, while she appreciates criticism, she does not pay much attention to trolling. She states that “ When someone says ‘you can do this’ or ‘do this in a different way’, then I always accept it. I don’t ever want to stop learning and growing. You have to be malleable as an actor but when it comes to trolling, I try not to pay too much heed to it “. In addition to this, she opens up on how these comments affect her as a human being. She says, “People forget that actors are also people. So, it does affect me but I think it would affect anyone. But I am not going to sit and say ‘poor me’,”

Ananya Panday on Dream Girl 2

This 24-year-old actress spoke about her desire to broaden her horizons by stepping away from the kind of films she has previously done to something different. Therefore, she was very vocal about her wanting to do a content-forward film like Dream Girl 2. Moreover, she expressed that she was, indeed, really excited to work with her co-star Ayushmann Khurrana whom she calls a performance-oriented actor. Their movie is set to release on 25h August 2023, nationwide.


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