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‘Divorce Was Never a Bad Thing for Me,’ Alaya F’s Candid Revelation on Her Parents’ Split

Alaya F Shares Positive Perspective on Divorce: Embracing Family Dynamics and Personal Growth

Rising actress Alaya F opened up to Bollywood Bubble in an honest discussion about her childhood and how she has a positive outlook on divorce. Alaya was born into a family of actors, Pooja Bedi and Farhan Furniturewala, and she grew up watching her parents divorce. She accepts the benefits of their split, nevertheless, rather than holding onto bad feelings.

Parental Separation – A Different Perspective

Alaya remembers her parents’ pleasant interactions after their divorce, emphasising the familial bond they continued to have. They continued to be very engaged in her life even if they took different routes, providing a model of kindness and respect for one another. The peace in their extended family was demonstrated by the fact that Alaya’s mother went to her father’s second marriage.

Blended Family Dynamics

Alaya is not only familiar with the idea of a blended family, but she also values it. She has a strong connection to her stepmother and regards her half-brother as a whole sibling.

A Positive Outlook on Divorce

Due to her upbringing in a setting that treated divorce with dignity and maturity, Alaya had a good outlook on the subject. She said, “I realised that in my head divorce was never a bad thing, because my parents handled their divorce so well.” She credits her knowledge of divorce to her parents’ attitude, who did not see separation as a taboo but rather as a means of achieving personal happiness. She came to believe that divorce may benefit all parties involved because of their mutual regard for one another.

A Vibrant Acting Career

Alaya keeps progressing in her acting profession while reflecting on herself. Her portrayal of a role in the inspirational story of visually-impaired Indian businessman Srikanth Bolla in Tushar Hiranandani’s biopic-drama Srikanth has received accolades. Together with the excellent co-stars Sharad Kelkar, Jyothika, and Rajkummar Rao, Alaya’s performance gives the gripping narrative more nuance.


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