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Disha Patani shares friendship goals with her cuties; check out her adorable PICS

Disha Patani: The beautiful and charming actress is known for her determination and inherent glamour. She is also a genuine loving soul who takes friendship and relationships very seriously by giving her all. Recently, the actress uploaded adorable pictures with her furry little friends, as if she wasn’t cute enough already. Disha Patani along with these little bundles of joy will surely kill you with an overdose of cuteness.

Disha Patani poses with her furry friends

The talented young actress has been all over social media lately due to her overtime in training. She has been devoting a lot of time to the gym to be able to deliver her best in the upcoming movies. She also featured in a new music video of ‘Kyu Karu Fikar’ recently that was greatly loved by her fans. Disha donned 8 different costumes in the video and in every single one of them she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Her recent update on Instagram came as her Story in which she uploaded a set of adorable pictures with very cute puppies. Every picture was overloaded with cuteness. In the first slide, Disha captured a short clip of herself with a lovely golden retriever pup. Disha was gently caressing her furry friend while it was more interested in the camera. The next slide contained a picture of Disha with a precious little brown and white pup, possibly a Beagle. The tiny soul appeared to be sleeping peacefully in the arms of its gorgeous friend Disha. The last slide also contained a picture of the same pup in a black-and-white filter. This time the tiny friend was looking straight into the camera with its eyes slightly open.

Disha Patani
Disha Patani

Disha Patani and pet dogs

Disha absolutely loves dogs. She frequently shares pictures online with her furry friends Bella and Goku. Half of her stress is taken away by spending time with them. Her recent uploads also show how much of a dog person she is.


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