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Bombay High Court judge slams film Singham; says these films send wrong message

Bombay High Court judge Gautam Patel believes that blockbuster films like as ‘Singham‘ create a bad precedent and give sends a wrong message. Justice Patel hinted that the film depiction of “instant delivery of justice” by a hero officer not only delivered the wrong message, but also fostered “impatience” with the legal system.

“In movies, police rail against judges who are shown as docile, timid, thickly spectacled, and often very badly dressed,” Justice Gautam Patel said at an event organized by the Indian cops Foundation to honor its annual day and Police Reforms Day. They blame the courts of allowing the guilty to go free. “The hero cop delivers justice on his own.”

The judge gives example of climax

“The climax scene of Singham, in which the entire police force descends on a politician played by Prakash Raj…shows that justice has now been served. But I wonder whether it has,” Justice Patel said, adding that we should consider “how harmful that message is.”

“What is the source of your impatience?” It must go through a procedure in which we determine innocence or guilt. “These processes are slow…they have to be…because the cardinal principle of an individual’s liberty is not to be confiscated,” he noted. If this procedure is abandoned in favour of shortcuts, “we subvert the rule of law,” Justice Patel stated.

About the film

Singham, directed by Rohit Shetty and released in July 2011, is an action film. It’s a remake of the 2010 Tamil film of the same name, and it stars Ajay Devgn as a cop. It’s the first entry in Shetty’s police world.

The 2006 judgement

Speaking at the ceremony, Justice Patel praised Prakash Singh, the former Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police who had petitioned the Supreme Court for changes to the police system. He praised Singh’s “unflinching and unwavering efforts to make police reforms a reality,” which resulted in the 2006 police reforms judgment.


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