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Avneet Kaur baffled by mysterious magician, Netizens say ‘samajh nhi aaya…,’ check out

Avneet Kaur was left in a complete state of surprise when a magician showed her a card trick but the netizens could hardly understand what was going on.

Avneet Kaur manages to reside on Instagram primarily rather than anywhere else. You can find the gorgeous Gen-Z actresses every now and then posing for the cameras or sharing from her life. Recently, she uploaded one of her encounters with a magician who left her in a state of complete shock. Avneet couldn’t believe what she saw in the magic trick and you can read it all through her expressions.

Avneet Kaur reacts to a mind-boggling magic trick

The glamorous diva loves to visit new places and blend into different cultures around the world. Thanks to her Instagram handle, we are constantly updated with her recent whereabouts. Avneet has been out on a vacation in Italy for quite a while. She has been dropping pictures on Instagram from her tour subsequently. However, her latest upload depicted her baffling encounter with a magician who made her eyes pop out with a single magic trick. The young star couldn’t believe what she saw.

Apparently, Avneet was sitting in a restaurant, enjoying her meal when she was prompted by a magician. The guy crawled on his knees on the restaurant couch beside her and showed her a card trick. Although the short clip didn’t fill in the viewers on the entire trick, however, Avneet’s expression was enough to tell that the trick was unbelievable. Her jaw literally dropped as she waved a 10 of hearts at the camera. Probably, the magician was able to tell which card she had chosen in her mind.

Video by ‘avneetkaur_13’

Netizens’ reactions to Avneet’s latest post

Netizens were in a similar state of surprise as Avneet but for different reasons. Fans were confused since they couldn’t understand through the short clip what had happened. However, after seeing Avneet’s reactions, they settled down thinking something surprising must have happened. Some of their comments read, “Smjh nhi aya pr expression dekhke lgta h kuch jaadoo kiya h,” “your expressions r just so damn cute,” etc.


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