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Anil Kapoor becomes second after Amitabh Bachchan to get security for his personal rights by Delhi High Court; deets inside

Anil Kapoor is making headlines once again as he always does with his personal and professional life updates. After Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor also gets protection for his personality rights. The actor had moved the Delhi High Court, seeking protection of his name, voice, signature, and image rights.

Delhi High Court Protects the Personality Rights of Anil Kapoor

On September 20, the Delhi High Court granted an interim John Doe order preventing social networking sites, e-commerce businesses, and the general public from violating Anil Kapoor’s publicity and personality rights. Unauthorized sites are not permitted to utilize Anil Kapoor’s name, voice, picture, or dialogue in an illegal manner for commercial reasons, according to the court.

The defendants are accused of using various aspects of his identity and misusing them by publicizing and collecting payments. This has been accomplished by the use of his photos as a motivational speaker, his dialogues and name, his voice as a ringtone, photographs with the phrase ‘jhakkas,’ face masks with his photographs, and other means.

The court prohibits the use of GIFs with his picture

Judgements have been used by the attorney to support his claim that such personality traits are protectable. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs’ proposed rules, which aim to shield customers from dubious practices, have also been brought to the court’s notice. In addition, the court prohibited the use of GIFs with his picture in them for monetary gain or other commercial objectives and the morphing of his image using artificial intelligence techniques, all of which are likely to breach the veteran actor’s rights.


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