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Amitabh Bachchan raises concern over Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake video; WATCH

One drawback of the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence is the rise in deepfake technology, which allows hackers to pose as someone else, alter voices, and manipulate videos to look real. Actor Rashmika Mandana is the most recent victim of deepfake technology; a recent viral video that went viral on the internet showed what appeared to be actor Rashmika Mandana entering an elevator, but upon closer inspection, it was revealed to be a deeply faked video, digitally manipulated.

Amitabh Bachchan raised concerns over the video

When journalist Abhishek Kumar posted the video on X, he sparked debate about the necessity of new laws and regulations to stop the spread of false information online. The first video, which featured a woman by the name of Zara Patel, was posted on Instagram on October 8. Patel’s involvement in the deepfake video’s creation is not supported by any evidence. Who made the fictitious video and why they did it are still unknown. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident; in recent years, similar fake videos have victimised celebrities from a variety of fields.

Actor Amitabh Bachchan tweeted that the deepfakes make a “strong case for legal” after sharing the video.

The difference is visible in the videos

You will see a noticeable difference if you play the two videos side by side—the real video and the deepfake. Zara Patel’s face is visible as she enters the lift in the actual video. But in an instant, the video changes, taking on the appearance of Rashmika Mandanna. Rashmika, an actress well-known in Indian cinema, rose to prominence in 2016 and has won multiple awards since then.


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