Viral Video: ‘Lipstick Bandit’ leaves kiss marks on men’s shirts at pub; Sparks debate online


Viral Video

Viral Video: Life can be like a colorful painting, filled with moments of laughter and surprise. Sometimes, doing something a little different can bring joy. But what if having fun crosses a line and makes people think? A similar video is making waves on the Internet where a woman has seemed to cross the line. 

Watch the viral video here

A recent video circulating on social media has caught the attention of many, showcasing a woman’s playful antics that have left both viewers amused and debating the fine line between harmless fun and potential consequences. 


In the video, the woman amplifies her playful nature by placing vibrant red lipstick stains on the backs of unsuspecting men. Sporting a mischievous smile, she confidently approaches each individual and playfully smacks a kiss on their clothing, leaving behind a noticeable mark that showcases her daring attitude. As the marks accumulate, her laughter resonates through the scene, encapsulating a spirit of carefree amusement.

Internet is divided 

While the video has garnered its fair share of laughs and chuckles, it has also ignited a debate on social media platforms. One user commented, “Why this is funny for woman and a harassment if it was a Man…. Silly but a thought what would be the reactions if it was a guy who made this video kissing strangers for a video.”  Another user commented, “This is how she increased divorce rate.” One of them commented, “What if this thing done by man ? Then you will complain about him in police? Why not this harassment?” 


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