Viral Video: Girl’s seamless and energetic dance on ‘Pasoori’ will make you go berserk; watch video

Nikshey Dhiman

Viral Video

Viral Video: Girl dance videos are very popular on the internet as they nail dance to perfection. Girl dance songs are always delightful as they choose wonderful and trending songs for dance performances. Their dance videos make rounds on the internet and garner a lot of attention. One such video is going viral on the internet which shows a girl dancing to the energetic beats of the trending song ‘Pasoori.’ She is raising the bar high with her exceptional and magnificent dance moves.

Girl sets hearts racing with graceful moves

The viral video shows the spectacular and mesmerizing performance of the girl on the trending song. Pasoori is one of the most famous songs on the internet. Many creators and celebrities created dance reels on this song and this video is no exception. The girl is looking ravishing in a traditional outfit and her dance moves are leaving the internet spellbound as she is executing every move with ease and grace.

Her dance performance is enough to take your heart away. Her seamless footwork, on-point expressions and beautiful execution are winning hearts on the internet. The girl’s magnificent dance moves will leave a lasting impact on you and she will make you go berserk with her graceful and mesmerizing performance.

Views on the viral video

The video has garnered 4,968,493 views on YouTube. Online users reacted to the video in the comment section of the post and they are praising the dance performance. One user wrote, “Your dance is full of grace and passion.”


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