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Viral Video: Girl’s ‘Jhanatedaar’ performance on ‘Makhna’ makes heads turn; WATCH

Viral Video: Dance is an art form that captivates viewers, and Girls consistently raise the bar with outstanding dance performances. Girl dance videos are famous on the internet, and internet users praise the ladies’ smooth and lively performances on various music. One such video is going viral on the internet, and it features a girl dancing to the powerful beats of the Bollywood song ‘Makhna.’ She dances with ease and grace to the upbeat beats, and her performance has the internet in awe.

Watch Viral video

Girl dance viral videos are famous on the internet, and this particular video has gotten a lot of attention. A young girl’s remarkable version of the popular song ‘Makhna’ has catapulted her to stardom. The video demonstrates her exceptional talent and amazing stage presence, captivating viewers. She does an exceptional dance performance in the song and looks stunning while doing so.

The girl’s performance is a cut above the others, with immaculate choreography and flawless skills. Her intensity and passion shine through each stride, enthralling the audience and winning her international accolades. Social media is awash with accolades, hailing her as a budding star. She is well-known on YouTube and often uploads videos of various songs.

Netizens loved the performance

On YouTube, the video has received 48,206,545 views. It has gone viral on the internet. Online users laud the dance performance in the post’s comments section. One user wrote, “I don’t generally comment on videos…but you’re so pretty and your dance is so elegant I couldn’t help… you’re amazing.” Another user wrote, “Guys I tried to learn this dance …..It took lots of effort yaar ….Hats off to her !!!!How beautifully she performed with beautiful expressions and outfit..I am sure boys will definitely get crush on her.”


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