Viral Video: Girl aces it in black on ‘With You;’ the outcome is exceptional; WATCH

Nikshey Dhiman

Viral Video

Viral Video: Punjabi songs are famous for extraordinary dance performances as they make everyone groove on the foot-tapping beats. AP Dhillon is one of the most famous Punjabi singers who are known for his romantic songs and melodious. His recently released song ‘With You’ grabbed the attention of the internet and people made dance reels on the song. One such video is going viral online which shows a girl dancing to the energetic song. She is setting the internet on fire with her electrifying dance performance.

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Girl dance videos on Punjabi songs are popular online and netizens love to watch these videos. This video is no exception as the girl dances gracefully and takes the internet by storm with her electrifying dance. Her sizzling black dress highlighted her dance moves and curves which made the performance even more attention-grabbing. Her moves are catching the attention and making waves on the internet.

She starts her performance with slow moves and suddenly synchronized to the beat drop with her energetic dance moves. She complimented the foot-tapping beats with her flawless and electrifying dance performances. Her marvellous dance, while wearing the heels, makes the video mesmerizing and shows the hard work of the girl behind this performance.

Netizens reacted to the video

Netizens reacted to the video in the comment section as it grabbed the attention on social media. One user wrote, “loved it best among all videos have seen on this song , very well done.” Another user wrote, “The whole back moment! Omg.”


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