Bride groom viral video: Groom’s adorable reaction after watching the bride walking down the aisle is priceless; WATCH

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Bride groom viral video

Bride groom viral video: Weddings are special for every couple and they try to make it more special and memorable with their adorable and stunning performances. The videos of these performances make rounds on the internet. They send the netizens into a frenzy with exceptional and mesmerizing things for each other. Love marriages are always very special for the couple and the recent viral video shows the same where a groom can be seen falling on the ground after watching the bride walking down the aisle. The bride leaves the groom in a frenzy with her beautiful look.

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Bride groom dance performances are famous on the internet as they choose Bollywood songs to deliver exceptional dance performances. But this video shows the groom’s adorable reaction after seeing his bride walk down the aisle. The groom’s reaction proves that it is a love marriage as his expression is fulfilled satisfaction after seeing the beautiful and adorable bride.

The bride looks ravishing in the red lehenga as she walks down the aisle with her bridesmaids and brothers. She smiles towards the groom and leaves him spellbound with her beauty. The groom falls on the ground while seeing the bride with full love and affection. His reaction is priceless. The bride and groom are proving that love makes everything good.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video went viral on the internet and left the internet spellbound with the bride and groom’s adorable chemistry. Netizens reacted to the video in the comment section of the post. One user wrote, “Bride ne pehle se bol k rakha hoga agar ye reaction nahi dega to tu to gaya bachhu.”


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