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Bride Groom Viral Video: Groom Violently Hits Bride on Stage After She Wins Game; WATCH

The video showed them fighting with each other on the stage.

Bride Groom Viral Video: Indian weddings are well-known for their distinctive customs, and because these rituals are entertaining, videos of these weddings frequently circulate online. The audience is left stunned by these videos because they occasionally depict a fight between the bride and groom. Social media was rocked by a video that appeared to show a bride and groom fighting nonstop. After this video went viral, internet users reacted to it almost immediately.

Watch Bride Groom Viral Video 

Wedding videos quickly become viral on the internet because they feature the bride and groom in a beautiful light, making viewers happy. Some videos feature fight scenes as well, and one such video has recently gone viral. A video that is quickly becoming viral is shocking people who watch it. This startling video shows the groom losing his cool to the bride after she defeated him in a game during their nuptials. The groom becomes enraged when the bride wins the game, and he slaps her in front of the guests. While no one speaks to the groom, comments on this video have begun to appear on the internet.

Netizens reacted to the video 

The video was shared on X, which was formerly known as Twitter, and viewers have taken notice of it online. They were shocked to witness the newlyweds acting in such a manner.


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